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Iva Ramuš Cvetkovič


Iva Ramuš Cvetkovič is a junior researcher at the Institute of Criminology at the Faculty of Law Ljubljana and a PhD student at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. Her research concerns issues related to philosophy (of law); theories on violence and evil; negative consequences of technological development; and criminological, criminal and international legal aspects of technology, particularly space technology (satellites, space stations, etc.). In her PhD thesis she will primarily deal with the criminological category 'social harm', which is often described as a marginalized aspect of criminology, mainly handled by green criminology and zemiology, applying it in the context of space technology. For the purpose of conducting further research for her thesis, Iva's research project carried out at the Institute of Criminology at the Cologne University is aimed at identifying and evaluating possible ways of responding to social harm caused by space technology by, first, identifying the types of such harm; second, analyzing the legal framework to discover possible responses to mitigate it; and last, comparing and evaluating these responses, including the option of potential criminalization of certain harmful activities.